Devil’s Heaven – 4th Place

Devil's Heaven Team Picture 2016Last weekend FE1 with a few reinforcements attended the silver edition of Devil’s Heaven. The team got of to a solid start on day one, going undefeated in the swiss draw formatted tournament. After a strong rematch in quarter-finals against the previously universe point game against the Tukker Terror Team (Women’s Masters + a few boyfriends) FE was pumped up and ready to take on the Devils’ All Stars in the semi-finals.

The aptly names Devils’ All Stars got the better of our boys with a lot of high deep throws that even the tall likes of Robbert and Kees could not defend. On offense FE had a very hard time finding their own players for the score in an endzone blocked off by the Devils’ All Stars zone.

In the third place match FE faced Sesquidistus, a strong and athletic teams from France. FE had been (un)fortunate enough not to face the top three teams prior to bracket play and was therefore not prepared for (and unable to adapt) to the defensive pressure that Sesquidistus brought to this game. Resets where hard to find and open options up-field were hard to find. Sesquidistus furthermore proved very hard to defend, giving them the deserved win and our teammates a nice fourth place finish to celebrate on the long train ride home.