Friendly vs R’damnit

DSC_0728 (Teams Picture) Friendly vs R'DamnitThis week at Wednesday pick-up, Force Elektro played a friendly match versus the visiting team R’damnit. After FE2’s quick training on end-zone play, we were ready to play some awesome games against R’damnit and also knew how to score!

With a huge attendance from FE, we were able to have 2 complete lines! Force started out pretty well, scoring several points, but due to decision making and throwing errors from our side, and less so on R’damnit’s side, R’damnit was able to score 7 points whereas FE scored only 4. Finally, in a best of 5 game, FE-R’Damnit pick-up ended in a 2-3 for R’dammit.

This Pick-up was a welcome practice for the upcoming tournament coming Sunday, and with some practice and fine-tuning here and there, we should be able to play some awesome matches in the outdoor competition!

Thanks R’Damnit for coming to Delft, and we’re looking forward to meet you again!