First Outdoor Competition Day – Summary


20160403_FE UP 1 Outdoor Day 1 (picture 2)FE/UP (a combination first team) started off against the Cambo Cakes; of course a very tough opponent. But up to 7-8 things seemed to be roughly even. At this point, the many extra players the Cakes brought started to make a difference, and as the tiredness started kicking in for the players from Delft and The Hague, the Amsterdam team kept up the intensity and convincingly took the match.

This tiredness seemed to linger during the first half of the second match. The intensity was completely lacking, resulting in a very quick 1-9 lead for the opponent. It was only then that FE/UP decided to fight hard, eventually resulting an a 8-14 final score.

20160403_FE UP 1 Outdoor Day 1For the last match against UFO, the team was nearing the end of its energy, with players dropping out due to injuries, cramps and more. Still, a tight defense and some mistakes from the opponent resulted in a 6-2 lead. But when the opponent stopped making mistakes, they managed to take halftime 6-7. The game continued very even, with UFO making only a few less mistakes than FE/UP, eventually giving a 9-12 final score.

All in all, it was a game with great plays, amazing intensity and high level. But sadly not during the moments when it mattered the most, resulting in relegation to the second division. You can be sure the team will fight during the next competition day to claim that first division spot back though.

report by Hildo Bijl


20160403_FE 2 Outdoor Day 1 (picture 1)Our very first outdoor competition day started out great with a game against NUTS, where we had great fun. Despite having some trouble waking up we took the lead, and didn’t let go. NUTS kept playing hard the entire game so we both had a blast of a game.

So full of confidence we went into our second match on this beautiful day. And how vain we were. In the end the more rigid defense and stable offence turned out too much for us. But not by much. At the start of the game we were trading points, but then MUG scored an upwind break, so we started to fear we would not easily win this game. However, in true Force-tradition, we came back stronger the second half. Which made us come back to almost tied again.

The third game was the most killing for us. We kept losing people to injuries, to the point where we played savage. But UTKA was also getting tired, and the had already been tired from the start. Both teams kept playing hard and enthusiastically though, and once again we made a great comeback in the second half. This time it was too late however, so we didn’t even come close to getting even, but in the end it was a great game.

Sooo… all in all although we only won one game, we had great fun, and a lot of learning experience as a team. And since we were playing on our Rising High fields, we got a nostalgic taste-ahead of our awesome tournament. And of course a great thanks to our (no less than) three trainers who lost their voices like we lost our leg.


20160403_PPG Competition Day Outdoor Day 1The Ladies of Force Elektro and Ultimus Prime are joining forces this year to take on the women’s competition. On this first day we played all of our fellow western teams: Flow (Amsterdam) and UFO 1 + 2 (Utrecht).

With a somewhat diminished squad and only three practices under our belts so far, we started our day playing a much more seasoned Flow team. We held our own in the first few points, but their zone halted our point scoring progression. While we played around carefully, eagerness near the endzone cost us the disc too many times giving Flow the match 5-15.

20160403_PPG PlayingOur next match was against UFO 2. After a difficult first point we started to pull away from our opponents despite a lot of pressure on both sides of the disc. We won the game handily, 12-3, but we were also much the worse for wear after a lot of running under the burning sun.

The final match of the day against UFO 1 was the toughest yet. We played together well, building on all the connections we’d already established earlier in the day, and were able to give our very experienced and exhausted opponent a tough time scoring. Nevertheless they beat us handily 1-15. Very proud of this team, working hard and staying positive despite the odds so clearly stacked against us. Bring on day 2.