Frozen Cherries 2016

On the 9th and 10th of April a delegation of Force Elektro (Laurens, Rienk, David, Michiel, Alex and Annika) joined forces with Vanessa from Rdamnit, Sam from UP and Pauline from Flying High to take part in the Frozen Cherries tournament in Utrecht. The theme of the tournament was ‘at the movies’.

13041064_1106667912725785_6396981256425806374_oOn Saturday the team was completed with an extra player from UTKA: Marius. The games on the first day were challenging with high level opponents (The Undutchables, Rusty Bikes, Omega 3 und Frau Rauscher) and our team was not yet used to play together. It was difficult to find the connections and play against the zone our opponents set up. But every point our connections became better, we kept on smiling and fighting in every game. We lost all 4 games on Saturday pretty hard, but this made us even happier when we scored!


After the games it was time for dinner and dress up for the theme party. We used our creativity to make some DIY minion costumes. And we looked awesome. Now it was time for some real fun! The beerrace was combined with charades and we did a pretty good job. After this game it was time to hit the red carpet and party!

Sunday morning at 9 it was game time again! Some of us more fresh, sober and awake than others. We played in the lower pool and faced some more equal opponents. Gosse from UTKA joined us today. The first two games we lost as well. But our team got better and better. The flow was getting there. The final game was our chance to shine. We faced Schleudertrauma who also didn’t win any game during the tournament. The German team started ahead, but with only 2 girls on their team able to play, they got tired. The score got even. When time was over we were ahead with 7-5 and cap was 8. We pumped up our energy, determined to win this game. And we did! 8-6 final score.13002356_1106667629392480_6551916626477921473_o

During one of the spirit circles on Sunday we got a big compliment from the other team: they could really see that we were friends as a team! Not knowing that half of the team did not even met before Saturday. This compliment really sums up the weekend. We started as half a pick up team and ended as a group of friends and had lots of fun. Thank you for the great weekend Minions!