Special Force Award

What is the SFA?

The special force award is the prize Force Elektro gives away once a year on the new years’ drink. In the weeks prior to this drink, club members can nominate other club members for special commitment shown during the year. The SFA-committee then awards the prize to the player who they think has shown the best commitment. He/she may keep the statue and the bragging rights for a year.

Past Winners

  • 2017
    Andris Otisons
  • 2016
    Stijn Pennings
  • 2015
  • Robbert van Staveren
  • 2014
    Erik van Duin
  • 2013
    Ingeborg Kuijlaars
  • 2012
    Paul Dezentje
  • 2011
    Evelien van Bokhorst
  • 2010
    Oscar Gomez
  • 2009
    Lutz Mürau
  • 2008
    Yvonne Wattez
  • 2007
    Hildo Bijl
  • 2006
    Hans Dauwerse