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First Outdoor Competition Day – Summary

FE+UP 1 OPEN FE/UP (a combination first team) started off against the Cambo Cakes; of course a very tough opponent. But up to 7-8 things seemed to be roughly even. At this point, the many extra players the Cakes brought started to make a difference, and as the tiredness started kicking in for the players from… Read more »

Friendly vs R’damnit

This week at Wednesday pick-up, Force Elektro played a friendly match versus the visiting team R’damnit. After FE2’s quick training on end-zone play, we were ready to play some awesome games against R’damnit and also knew how to score! With a huge attendance from FE, we were able to have 2 complete lines! Force started out… Read more »

Devil’s Heaven – 4th Place

Last weekend FE1 with a few reinforcements attended the silver edition of Devil’s Heaven. The team got of to a solid start on day one, going undefeated in the swiss draw formatted tournament. After a strong rematch in quarter-finals against the previously universe point game against the Tukker Terror Team (Women’s Masters + a few… Read more »

New Site

Hey all, Welcome to this brand new website. There are still some glitches and we are working on removing those. The next things to be updated will be browser compatibility and mobile phone compatibility. If you have any suggestions please contact me. Robbert