Want to do an activity that’s fun and energetic, yet different from what you’re used to? Then try an Ultimate Frisbee clinic!

Force Elektro offers Ultimate Frisbee clinics, given by experienced Ultimate Frisbee trainers. For a small fee, we send over a few of our instructors, who will guide you and your friends/colleagues through the fun and excitement of learning and experiencing a new sport.

Our usual fee is 60 euros per clinic. This is for a one-hour clinic for roughly 10-20 people. For different situations, different fees might apply.

We bring our own materials. We can take care of all materials required for the clinic. Participants just need to bring shoes and attire fit to do sports in.

Fields need to be arranged. Fields are not included in the clinic price. In fact, currently we cannot provide fields, so you have to do that yourself. (Tip: try contacting the Delft University Sports Center.) The fields need to be in or near Delft otherwise additional travel fees might apply.

Participants can be anywhere from 10 to 65 years old. Clinics for younger children may be less successful, due to insufficiently developed motor-skills.

Interested? Or have any questions? Feel free to contact us.