Board & Committees


2018 – 2019 (2)

President: Annemarijn
Treasurer and Tournament Commissioner: Leo
Secretary: Bert
PP&B: Christophe

2018 – 2019 (1)

From left to right: Leo, Marcos, Annemarijn, Raoul, Bert

President: Marcos
Treasurer and Tournament Commissioner: Leo
Secretary: Bert
PP&B: Raoul
PP&B: Annemarijn


2017 – 2018

From left to right: Bert, Chéron, Wouter, Jasmine, Klaas

President: Klaas
Secretary: Wouter
Treasurer: Bert
PP&B: Jasmine
PP&B: Chéron



The activity committee organises fun things for the members of the club to do, to keep the social aspect active as well.


The aim of the committee is to introduce people to Ultimate Frisbee as a sport. Every year a tournament is organised in Delft, in which people who have never or rarely thrown a frisbee can play together with the members of Force Elektro and learn how the sport is played.

The tournament takes place in Delft and is split up onto three nights of games, and after the finals on the last day, we celebrate together with food and drinks. Every year we get around 100 participants, and many keep on showing up again and again.


This committee organises our own tournament: Rising High. It’s an international tournament and next year will be the 10th edition!

Other committees:

Promo & Content, OWee/IP and Gear