Lightning Cup

Force Elektro is organising a new regional league: the Lightning Cup. During three days, all taking place a day before national competitions days (on Saturdays), players will play 5v5 on smaller outdoor fields. The location is Schipluiden which is 20 minutes from Delft station.

The league is especially an opportunity for players and trainers that prefer to not travel all over the Netherlands (applies for people in South Holland), but is open for all teams with an NFB license.

Team fee is €110, if more than the minimum amount of teams apply, the fee may be lowered. If less apply, fees will be refunded.

For questions or to sign up, send an email to

New articles of association

At the next GMA (February 12th), we will vote about the new articles of association. The new articles can be found by using this link.


On May 27th-29th Force had an amazing weekend out as a club. We went camping close to Alkmaar and spent three days full of activities and fun.  

On the first d13308446_10157080914845235_8067945316338920436_oay, we arrived at our location, set up the tents, had some dinner together and chilled at the bonfire.

On the 28th, after a nice breakfast,  we went to the beach close-by and stayed there until late afternoon.  The day at the beach was super nice, and a great occasion to enjoy one of the first full days of sun.  We played double disk,  tanned,  chilled,  played, of course, some Ultimate and the most adventurous went  for a swim in the frozen sea. In the evening we had a huge BBQ,  had some drinks and played games , again around a warm bonfire.



13308608_10157080914460235_2422483542570099607_oOn the last day, we tried desperately to find a Disc Golf court somewhere in the middle of the dunes. Although we failed in our search, it turned out to be a great day, and we spotted beautiful landscapes in which we improvised all kind of games.  Afterward, we had a picnic at the beach and got ready to go back to Delft. Such a great time, and I cannot wait for next club weekend!


Frozen Cherries 2016

On the 9th and 10th of April a delegation of Force Elektro (Laurens, Rienk, David, Michiel, Alex and Annika) joined forces with Vanessa from Rdamnit, Sam from UP and Pauline from Flying High to take part in the Frozen Cherries tournament in Utrecht. The theme of the tournament was ‘at the movies’.

13041064_1106667912725785_6396981256425806374_oOn Saturday the team was completed with an extra player from UTKA: Marius. The games on the first day were challenging with high level opponents (The Undutchables, Rusty Bikes, Omega 3 und Frau Rauscher) and our team was not yet used to play together. It was difficult to find the connections and play against the zone our opponents set up. But every point our connections became better, we kept on smiling and fighting in every game. We lost all 4 games on Saturday pretty hard, but this made us even happier when we scored!


After the games it was time for dinner and dress up for the theme party. We used our creativity to make some DIY minion costumes. And we looked awesome. Now it was time for some real fun! The beerrace was combined with charades and we did a pretty good job. After this game it was time to hit the red carpet and party!

Sunday morning at 9 it was game time again! Some of us more fresh, sober and awake than others. We played in the lower pool and faced some more equal opponents. Gosse from UTKA joined us today. The first two games we lost as well. But our team got better and better. The flow was getting there. The final game was our chance to shine. We faced Schleudertrauma who also didn’t win any game during the tournament. The German team started ahead, but with only 2 girls on their team able to play, they got tired. The score got even. When time was over we were ahead with 7-5 and cap was 8. We pumped up our energy, determined to win this game. And we did! 8-6 final score.13002356_1106667629392480_6551916626477921473_o

During one of the spirit circles on Sunday we got a big compliment from the other team: they could really see that we were friends as a team! Not knowing that half of the team did not even met before Saturday. This compliment really sums up the weekend. We started as half a pick up team and ended as a group of friends and had lots of fun. Thank you for the great weekend Minions!

First Outdoor Competition Day – Summary


20160403_FE UP 1 Outdoor Day 1 (picture 2)FE/UP (a combination first team) started off against the Cambo Cakes; of course a very tough opponent. But up to 7-8 things seemed to be roughly even. At this point, the many extra players the Cakes brought started to make a difference, and as the tiredness started kicking in for the players from Delft and The Hague, the Amsterdam team kept up the intensity and convincingly took the match.

This tiredness seemed to linger during the first half of the second match. The intensity was completely lacking, resulting in a very quick 1-9 lead for the opponent. It was only then that FE/UP decided to fight hard, eventually resulting an a 8-14 final score.

20160403_FE UP 1 Outdoor Day 1For the last match against UFO, the team was nearing the end of its energy, with players dropping out due to injuries, cramps and more. Still, a tight defense and some mistakes from the opponent resulted in a 6-2 lead. But when the opponent stopped making mistakes, they managed to take halftime 6-7. The game continued very even, with UFO making only a few less mistakes than FE/UP, eventually giving a 9-12 final score.

All in all, it was a game with great plays, amazing intensity and high level. But sadly not during the moments when it mattered the most, resulting in relegation to the second division. You can be sure the team will fight during the next competition day to claim that first division spot back though.

report by Hildo Bijl


20160403_FE 2 Outdoor Day 1 (picture 1)Our very first outdoor competition day started out great with a game against NUTS, where we had great fun. Despite having some trouble waking up we took the lead, and didn’t let go. NUTS kept playing hard the entire game so we both had a blast of a game.

So full of confidence we went into our second match on this beautiful day. And how vain we were. In the end the more rigid defense and stable offence turned out too much for us. But not by much. At the start of the game we were trading points, but then MUG scored an upwind break, so we started to fear we would not easily win this game. However, in true Force-tradition, we came back stronger the second half. Which made us come back to almost tied again.

The third game was the most killing for us. We kept losing people to injuries, to the point where we played savage. But UTKA was also getting tired, and the had already been tired from the start. Both teams kept playing hard and enthusiastically though, and once again we made a great comeback in the second half. This time it was too late however, so we didn’t even come close to getting even, but in the end it was a great game.

Sooo… all in all although we only won one game, we had great fun, and a lot of learning experience as a team. And since we were playing on our Rising High fields, we got a nostalgic taste-ahead of our awesome tournament. And of course a great thanks to our (no less than) three trainers who lost their voices like we lost our leg.


20160403_PPG Competition Day Outdoor Day 1The Ladies of Force Elektro and Ultimus Prime are joining forces this year to take on the women’s competition. On this first day we played all of our fellow western teams: Flow (Amsterdam) and UFO 1 + 2 (Utrecht).

With a somewhat diminished squad and only three practices under our belts so far, we started our day playing a much more seasoned Flow team. We held our own in the first few points, but their zone halted our point scoring progression. While we played around carefully, eagerness near the endzone cost us the disc too many times giving Flow the match 5-15.

20160403_PPG PlayingOur next match was against UFO 2. After a difficult first point we started to pull away from our opponents despite a lot of pressure on both sides of the disc. We won the game handily, 12-3, but we were also much the worse for wear after a lot of running under the burning sun.

The final match of the day against UFO 1 was the toughest yet. We played together well, building on all the connections we’d already established earlier in the day, and were able to give our very experienced and exhausted opponent a tough time scoring. Nevertheless they beat us handily 1-15. Very proud of this team, working hard and staying positive despite the odds so clearly stacked against us. Bring on day 2.


Friendly vs R’damnit

DSC_0728 (Teams Picture) Friendly vs R'DamnitThis week at Wednesday pick-up, Force Elektro played a friendly match versus the visiting team R’damnit. After FE2’s quick training on end-zone play, we were ready to play some awesome games against R’damnit and also knew how to score!

With a huge attendance from FE, we were able to have 2 complete lines! Force started out pretty well, scoring several points, but due to decision making and throwing errors from our side, and less so on R’damnit’s side, R’damnit was able to score 7 points whereas FE scored only 4. Finally, in a best of 5 game, FE-R’Damnit pick-up ended in a 2-3 for R’dammit.

This Pick-up was a welcome practice for the upcoming tournament coming Sunday, and with some practice and fine-tuning here and there, we should be able to play some awesome matches in the outdoor competition!

Thanks R’Damnit for coming to Delft, and we’re looking forward to meet you again!

Devil’s Heaven – 4th Place

Devil's Heaven Team Picture 2016Last weekend FE1 with a few reinforcements attended the silver edition of Devil’s Heaven. The team got of to a solid start on day one, going undefeated in the swiss draw formatted tournament. After a strong rematch in quarter-finals against the previously universe point game against the Tukker Terror Team (Women’s Masters + a few boyfriends) FE was pumped up and ready to take on the Devils’ All Stars in the semi-finals.

The aptly names Devils’ All Stars got the better of our boys with a lot of high deep throws that even the tall likes of Robbert and Kees could not defend. On offense FE had a very hard time finding their own players for the score in an endzone blocked off by the Devils’ All Stars zone.

In the third place match FE faced Sesquidistus, a strong and athletic teams from France. FE had been (un)fortunate enough not to face the top three teams prior to bracket play and was therefore not prepared for (and unable to adapt) to the defensive pressure that Sesquidistus brought to this game. Resets where hard to find and open options up-field were hard to find. Sesquidistus furthermore proved very hard to defend, giving them the deserved win and our teammates a nice fourth place finish to celebrate on the long train ride home.

New Site

Hey all,

Welcome to this brand new website. There are still some glitches and we are working on removing those. The next things to be updated will be browser compatibility and mobile phone compatibility. If you have any suggestions please contact me.